Siberian has always been produced in compliance with regulatory requirements to become the fourth-best selling brand in the USSR, with 3.2 million packages sold. Only healthy and strong grain can survive in the harsh climate of Siberia, which gives this vodka its sweetness and complex aroma. The finishing touch is multiple filtration through a charcoal filter made from wild silver birch that grew in the endless taiga. An excellent vodka to drink straight and slightly chilled, or in mixed drinks. 4 stars out of 4 in The Vodka Companion of Desmond Begg.

Siberian Strong with a strength of 45% is a legendary vodka for the Soviet and Russian vodka industry. It contains high-quality Lux grain alcohol, specially prepared drinking water, infusion of pine nuts, Siberian honey, and sugar. The flawless taste of the drink is achieved thanks to multi-stage filtration through natural materials. Siberian Strong is stronger than Siberian frosts.

Vodka Siberian is currently produced by Russian Canadians in Ontario using 100% craft (handmade) alcohol and water from the famous “Elmvale” spring source located 100 km from Toronto

Vodka is available in two volumes – 200 and 750 ml.


Canadian Rating Institute has awarded SIBERIAN VODKA a GOLD medal, as well as given it one of the highest ratings (96 points) in the vodka category (