Caalco Distributors Corp. NEW Russian Vodka Brands in Canada. The Famous SIBERIAN Vodka Has Been Added to the List

Two Canadian alcohol companies Caalco Distributors Corp. and North Spirit Distillery Inc. have agreed to jointly launch a number of famous Russian vodka brands onto the Ontario market. The first of them will be Siberian vodka.

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TORONTO, Dec. 22, 2020
TORONTO, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In Toronto, a strategic partnership agreement was reached between Ontarian companies: Caalco Distributors Corp. and North Spirit Distillery Inc. The subject of the Agreement is to combine the intellectual, financial, marketing, and production potential of both companies to bring well-known Russian and other promising vodka brands to the Canadian market. The first step will be the production and distribution of the famous in the former USSR vodka Siberian.

The first batch of vodka under the Siberian brand is produced in the version of Siberian Strong-45% in 200 ml and 750 ml bottles, which will be available to customers in Ontario before New Year. It is available now at North Spirit Distillery’s in-house retail store at 2300 Finch Avenue West, Unit # 66, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and can be ordered from the online store. The agreement also provides for the expansion of the line of vodka brands in 2021 to at least four out of more than a dozen brands listed in the portfolio of Caalco Distributors Corp. in order to ensure the capacity utilization of North Spirit Distillery in the amount of at least 11,000 decaliters.