vodka with
a strong character


The high quality of the product is internationally recognized


Siberian vodka has the unique alcoholic strength of 45 ABV

2 available volumes

Vodka can be purchased in two available volumes – 200 ml and 750 ml

natural ingredients

Advanced technologies and natural ingredients are used during the production process.

An authentic vodka with strong Russian roots has characteristic wheat bread notes in the aroma. Classic taste and a slight bitterness on the palate.


The legendary brand of Siberian vodka gained fame back in the days of the USSR. It first appeared in stores in 1977 and immediately gained popularity among connoisseurs of strong alcoholic beverages.
The original vodka recipe has been improving over the years, so it is not surprising that Siberian was awarded a lot of domestic and international prizes and accolades.

the best vodka for cocktails

Add Siberian vodka to famous cocktails to make them even more Russian!